How to Manage Your Pool Demolition Project Stress-Free

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Everyone loves the backyard pool — until the kids grow up, and there’s no more time or interest in taking a plunge on a hot day. When your family is ready to move on and reclaim your backyard space, we can help. At All American Debris & Wrecking, we’ve been handling pool demolition and other kinds of demolition since 2000. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about the process and what makes a process go smoothly.

How to Manage Your Pool Demolition Project Stress-Free

If you’re looking at a similar situation, we’ve got your back. Read on for some ways to make your pool demolition project stress-free whenever you decide to close it up for good:

  • Give us a call as soon as possible. Removing a pool takes a fair amount of planning (like any other demolition project), so having time to work with is helpful.
  • Recognize this is a multi-step process. When we begin the process, the pool must first be drained, then all the lining and hardware is broken up and removed from the ground. Finally, we’ll fill in the area where the pool used to be with soil, making sure it blends seamlessly with your existing yard.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative. After your pool has been successfully removed, you’ll enjoy a lot more yard space to build a firepit, patio, or anything else your heart desires.

Whatever you do, don’t go it alone. Pool demolition is a process that requires demolition experience and the proper tools to be able to carry it out safely and accurately. Reach out to us anytime — we love serving our Jacksonville, Florida friends and will always treat you with the same honesty we offer to our own families.