What to do with Leftover Scraps from Your Shed Removal

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So, you’ve determined that your backyard shed isn’t doing you any favors. Maybe your garage is more than big enough to store all your recreational and gardening supplies, and you’d rather use the yard space for a firepit. Whatever your reason, our demolition experts at All American Debris & Wrecking will help you get your yard space back — and we won’t leave your property a mess in our wake.

What to do with Leftover Scraps from Your Shed Removal

When we work on your shed removal project, we’ll sort all the pieces into raw materials that you can opt to use again for something else or throw away. Of course, we highly recommend using the scraps for something else. Not only do re-purposed pieces often have an added rustic aesthetic value to them, but they’re also a great way to conserve materials. Try these ideas for making the most of your shed removal scraps:

  • Nails and screws are valuable metal pieces that can be recycled — either at a junkyard or your workshop. If you like building things by hand, these items might still be usable for your next DIY project.
  • Wood is a great material for lots of fun yard amenities — think a classic rope swing for the kids, or even a new way to store potted or garden plants. Whatever you decide to do with your scrap wood, it’ll be something you can be proud of.

No matter how you decide to use the leftover pieces from your shed removal project, we hope you ask us to help. We love serving the good people of Jacksonville, Florida. Give us a call anytime for a free estimate.